Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rabbicorn story in a book

Click on the book above to go to the site that prints it.

About a year ago I was told that a second life resident made a book about my Edward Gorey build in Second Life. I was led to a website called blurb and sure enough there was a book there and I proceeded to buy it. I was prepared for a crappy book to arrive, perhaps done on a restaurant napkin, but instead was very pleased to find it bookstore quality. I knew at that point I would one day use blurb for one of my stories. I think on some level I just want something physical to hold that contains the things I have made in second life. Things feel so temporary sometimes.

Anyway, as Christmas is coming I decided to try and warp my nieces mind with the "gift" of the Rabbicorn story. She is admittedly only 3 years old and wont really understand it, but I am hoping as years go by she will appreciate it on deeper levels. My greatest hope is for her to one day come up to me and say "I never realized how warped that story was... you are so weird" Then maybe she will start an all girl punk/bluegrass band called the Rabbicorns and play to sold out stadiums eventually creating world peace. But for now I am just going to give her this book and ignore the fact that its fairly inappropriate. I am creating this post because some of you have asked for it in book form and so here it is. I make a few dollars off of each sale but it is by no means a money making venture. The book can be previewed somehow by clicking on it.
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