Condos in Heaven

Condos in Heaven

     Nur Ophuls offered me a semi permanent location to exhibit one of my works and after a very short time I decided that I missed Condos in Heaven.  Condos originally was created for Burning Life in 2008 and contained one building.  Later the University of Kentucky hosted it and with more prims I was able to add a second building to further the story a bit more.  And now Nur Ophuls has stepped forward with even more prims and I have added a third building.  It is one of my favorite conceptual builds that I have done and if you have not seen it then please come here
     The build has a special sky setting and you are able to plug it in at the landing point in the black room.  If you are an Emerald viewer user then you are in luck.  The creators have placed my sky setting in there already! all you need to do is go to world-environment settings-sky settings-Bryn Oh's Condos in Heaven sky or an even more foggy  Bryn Oh's Condos in Heaven sky#2

The build is based off the poem you see as you arrive.

An Astrobot with fame
sent the probes away
now the newspapers proclaim
"We found Heaven today!"

Hadraniel stood at the gates to Heaven
raining death for six days
upon all until day seven
when they brought out the heat rays

I watched it unfold on the Internet
beautiful Cassiel with golden hair
he was captured and sold as a pet 
to a wealthy billionaire

The war is done
the condo's rise
what resources are here to consume?
Sariel appears with tears in his eyes
at the window to my bedroom.

     I decided to redo this machinima as the older was has some things which bother me a bit.

     Condos in Heaven is about what might happen should the human race find a physical way to reach heaven.  What would we do?  The story takes place in the future where the human race accidentally discovers Heaven with a simple space probe.   With our advanced technology we no longer see Heaven as a sacred mystery.  We can achieve the miracles that once were the sole domain of God.  We see it as potentially lucrative real estate for both living and raw materials.  We mobilize and go to war.  Once the human race realizes that Heaven exists they then begin to look for Hell.  Satan is found and he is suspected of harboring and protecting God.  Two unlikely allies.
    In this build the adverts laying around are meant to slowly build up a background for what the human race is like in this future and of course the build is attached to the other narratives I am working on. Condos in an ongoing build and this is the latest installment.


Natsuki Morigi said…
Dear Bryn

Condos in Heaven is truly magnificent piece of work. It had me in tears at the loss of wonder and innocence in this world.
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you Natsuki. I got some great news yesterday and the art patron Nur Ophuls has offered me more space to further devellop this build. So Condo's will grow again.
Roy Donogal said…
That is so nice. You deserve such wonderful support. Your work and your dedication to it is very inspiring. Thank you.
Semaj said…
As the well wishers posted their greetings,“ Great work Bryn” “Spectacular,” etc. my poor avatar owner’s brain, in a moment of fractured identity fell a little to far into this play with the haunting murmur that who I once knew as the Goddess of Immersiva was really the Impresario of Evil. Don’t be beguiled by the ghostly glass-smooth skin. The gravity of her super nova eyes. The low cut sweater, her friendliness with bees, the hypnotic sway of the feline tail. Let the horns be a warning to you. And the oft seen wings. She is a killer. Of angels. The citizens of these worlds whom she has called here wander among these shops, her shops, and gaze naively upon the shelves reaching with right clicking hands to buy the riches from heavens plunder. And the girl, Willow, she keeps here as a slave in her rusted cage, for sale as an artifact to be unceremoniously dropped into the refuse pile of any wealthy avatars Inventory who may want such a trophy. Behind the wall. Did you look? The angel chained. Is this where she gets “her” wings? As the Mengele of Angels dismembered heavens creatures for their wings we stood around and shopped or congratulated? Is this what we do in our other world? As we walk on our rugs made by the hands of children chained to looms? Not content to be witnesses to such deaths, our lavish lifestyles, extravagant overconsumption , and lustful need for MORE bury the innocents under the pavement of our progress. Burn down the Condos.

My apologies to Ms. Oh both for this lengthy hijacking of her blog and the insinuation that she is actually party to the evil she conjures in her artistic reveres. She is indeed the Goddess as always but in my own diabolic mind as I visited her Condos in Heaven exhibit a new narrative presented itself to my mind and low she was cast as the villain.

Capitalist Nightmare #1

consumers of blind howl barbecue angel corpses at Christmas sales extravaganzas with crumpets and tea bones connected to the arm yourself against Solomon’s syringe piranhas shooting Mr. Franklin in the veins, leering jetsetters sewing mahogany coats with tiger bone cufflinks for RockandRollafeller and Jill came tumbling after splintering divinity into
the haricari hand trembling like Earth’s rollicking laughter forever unnervering that time
by the wayside is has was will fall into lithium eyelashes of bending tunnels choked with bubonic armies of Coca-Cola addicits smoking ICBM Cubans who salsa Socrates enchilada his sister St. Agnes of Autocracy at 10 o’clockand a quarter left my baby back at the …boarders slip between the remembrance of forgetfulness as on the operating table you recite recite skipping recite odes to odes to sailors and sand drifting in dunes on planets where rain smelling of F-150 Wal-Mart rosary beads of sweat like embryonic fluid oil the carapace of your shell shocked brain
condo manila said…
"Condos in Heaven is truly magnificent piece of work" agreed in full here.

Deirdre G
Anonymous said…
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