Monday, November 30, 2009

Art 21 feature on Second Life artists

Nettrice Beattie from Second Life wrote a wonderful piece for the Art 21 blog which is tied into the PBS tv show of the same name. I am very flattered to have been included amongst some very talented artists in the feature. This is an important event for Second Life art as its a high traffic blog outside of our own internal second life media. It talks about what is possible using a virtual world as an art medium, and will open the eyes of many new people to the art we create here. We are all aware of the wonderful work being done on this new frontier, but I would love if those who run Art 21 knew just how passionate the SL community is about what is happening here. So I would ask a favor of those who like what we are doing. Please go to the site and leave a comment if you can. It will show them that the article was a success and that covering second life art is something they should consider in the future as well. I don't like asking you to do this but I really do think its important for the health of second life art.
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