Masterclass talk on May 11th 7pm sl time

White Lebed has taken it upon herself to revive Angelgate Gallery. Recently she created a show called Primavera which has some of the best creators in second life showing there. Here is the show... and here are some of the artists there...

and this is the website for Angelgate
which will have more info than what I give here.

Selavy Oh
Kolor Fall
Blued Food
Soror Nishi
Eddiesan Bailey
Oberon Onmura
Filthy Fluno
Strawberry Holiday
Spiral Walcher
Alzarin Goldflake
Glyph Graves
Bryn Oh
Ub Yifu
AuraKyo Insoo
Dr Debruyere
Elros Tuominen
Garnet Trilling
Solkide Auer
Suzanne Graves
Wizard Gynoid
Pixels Sideways
shellina Winkler
Yarosh Nohkan
Scarp Godenot
Xenophile Neurocam
Lippy Korobase
Talia Tokugawa
Poid Mahovlich
Madcow Cosmos

Another thing which White has done is to have people come in and talk about their work. The first talk was by the great Madcow Cosmos. And for the second talk she has asked me. So should you be interested in hearing a talk on line composition then a further talk at Immersiva sim about the design of Immersiva then come! Its quite possible my talk will be boring but that's the chance you are taking. Fortunately sl has teleport so you can bugger off if its killing you. But if i see you teleport away then i am going to write your name down on a post it note by the computer. I will then tent my fingertips and stare at your name.. planning ... planning...... Its monday the 11th at 7pm sl time.

this is the slurl to Angelgate talk


White Lebed said…
Eventually, I plan to make our Masterclass Seminars popular and regular enough to justify uniforms for students and the outfit for the master. I already can see the Master wearing an angry Cobra avatar with full class of hypnotized bunnies staring at the teacher....
That would be so cool! :P
But we are not there yet. So, ya, as Bryn suggested, the class might be quite boring ~ sing ~
Still, come over, even without the uniform you might learn a thing or two.
And don't be afraid of Bryn, she is just a butterfly.
Bryn Oh said…
LoL i WAS a butterfly. Now i am more a very pale grey horned burlap wearing .. well .. i guess i do have wings sometimes. If I had of known the future would have angry cobra outfits then I would have delayed my talk.

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