Friday, May 15, 2009

Angler Girl

This is a character from Immersiva. Angler girl was a benign robot at the theme park but when it became abandoned she was forced to find ways to replenish her battery. She did this by attaching a lightbulb on the end of a cable. The light would attract little robots to her and she would catch them, then take their battery. She gets no pleasure from this, but has develloped a will to survive despite being a robot. The characters on Immersiva all slowly evolve and add to their programming. They try to find a purpose and all in thier own way dream of love and search for a place to belong.

Angler girl
Lights the dark
In the abandoned

Mismatched robots
In salvaged parts
Come to her
Past shopping carts

In tears she catches
Those she sees
To live she needs
Their batteries
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