Ars Simulacra

Ars Simulacra is a gallery run by Tayzia Abbatoir on the NMC sims. It has a nice range of works from a variety of Second Life artists and last night they had an opening. I have a thing where I like to pick a favorite when there are multiple artists. Just what I like to do, and I often ask people what their favorite one is too. A surprising amount of people don't like to say specifically which is their favorite in a group show. Picking a favorite for me forces me to look closer at each piece. Anyway, I was wandering around looking at the Madcows and a nice one by Sunn Thunders when I came across Elizabeth Tinsley. I don't think I have ever seen a piece by Elizabeth before but this one really grew on me. As you can see in the video when you walk through
the flowers it triggers laughing. There are a variety of laughs ranging from a cute little boy to someone who sounds remarkably like Homer Simpson. As I moved through the flowers I found myself smiling slightly then grinning then giggling along with the rest. Laughing is infectious and this one got me laughing with it. In many ways its the combination of elements which made this work for me.
Soror Nishi or Vroom Short make nicer flowers while Dizzy Banjo makes great sound compositions. This one is well made but its not the build which made it my favorite but the overall experience. Its just nice and fun. And nice and fun wins sometimes. If I were to make one suggestion it would be to remove the signs which tell you to walk inside it. You would lose a few people who might just walk on by without going inside, but to not know it was going to have the laughing and wandering into it would be a really fun unexpected element. Thats just me though, I like hidden surprises.


Bettina Tizzy said…
I'm so glad you made a video of this! That piece is total sweetness.
Unknown said…
Have Elizabeth Tinsley show you her jewelry some time, especially the flower pieces.
Bryn Oh said…
Ah thanks Pascale for the tip.

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