Owl pellet discovery

     I had an exciting discovery in the woods the other day which won't sound exciting at all to most of
Great Snowy Owl
you I would imagine.  I found, what in ornithology is called, an owl pellet.  Essentially a pellet is what an owl pukes up on occasion.   It is made up of indigestible matter like bones, teeth,exoskeletons of insects, fur and feathers.  The one I found was all dry and obscured on the ground but I am pretty good at finding hidden things.  Now why on earth would I be excited to find something such as this?  Well perhaps I shouldn't be as excited as I am, but I have a very good reason which you will discover at the end.  You see I found something remarkable inside.  Let me explain, so what
Pellet soaking in water
you do with one of these pellets is to suspend it in water and allow it to fall apart.  Then you can sift through the remains and discover what the owl was having for his meal by looking at the bones.  You can play anthropologist.  So where I live there are several kinds of owls such as the Great Snowy Owl, the great horned owl, the barred owl and great grey owl.  I don't know which type of owl the pellet came from, but you could probably figure that out by the contents too.  What I want to determine is what do the wee bones came from.  So I put the pellet in warm water and let it sit for five minutes to loosen up a bit.  Then I gently stirred, poked and prodded it with that sculpting tool until it came apart.  With tweezers I picked up the little bits and put them out to dry while separating the

various parts into groups.  

     What became abundantly clear to me after just a short time analyzing the bones was that this was not simply a squirrel or pigeon the owl had caught and eaten.  I had discovered something far more remarkable, in fact, it could change how we see the world.  So I must admit that I am not a "professional" anthropologist or Boney McBonester as I prefer to term them, and it is true that this was the first pellet I have ever found and dissected.  I may not be "qualified" to say for certain what these bones are from, but
Faerie bones
there is something I have to say.  

      I don't want to toot my own horn but I have found something on my first attempt that Boney McBonesters have never discovered in centuries.  

I am fairly certain these bones come from a Faerie.

     My best guess is the faerie was flying about looking to chat with a gnome or something.  Maybe was on an errand from Gandalf but that is something I can't know for sure.  Ok well I am pretty sure she was on a mission from Gandalf.  So lets just say she was on a mission from Gandalf of great importance and was not watching up in the sky as vigilantly as perhaps she should have been.  I expect she was singing a song and the lovely notes caught the attention of the owl and it came down and ate her.
Likely source of the bones

Delicious faerie dust marinade.

     Anyway, so I really think this is my calling.  As I said I have never actually done this before and on my very first try I have discovered indisputable evidence of the existence of faeries.  I think that is pretty good for a first try.  It encourages me to test out my theory that Unicorns were originally put on Noah's ark, but they fell off the deck, due to over crowding,  and turned into Narwhals.


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