Bronze casting wax model stage

In my last post I mentioned that 30 bronze sculptures of the Dancer from my work "Hand" will be for
Stage three wax mould
sale.  They are 4 inches tall and will be ready in about three weeks so I am pre selling them to Second Life people first before I go to rl.  Currently 12 of the 30 are sold.  Those still available are listed below...

The Dancer 

1st =  $400 US dollars + shipping (sold)
2nd= $375 (sold)
3rd= $350
4th= $325
5th= $300

6-10 =  $275 (sold) (sold) (sold)
11-15= $250 (sold)
16-20= $225
21-25= $200 (sold) (sold) (sold)
26-29= $150 (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold)

I have some new pictures of stage three in the process to make the final bronze work.  In this This one shows two supports that keep the wax in place as it cools off (they will be removed). 
stage three wax model.
stage each piece individually is made into a wax model.  The process continues from here with the prepared wax shell completely covered in layers of heat-resistant plaster which then will be placed in an oven. While heating in the oven the plaster dries and the wax melts and runs out. The plaster mold is then packed in sand, and molten bronze is poured through some holes, filling the space left by the wax.

Yay exciting!  So everything is on schedule and the next stage will begin!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the editions then please send me an email to  I will be accepting payment through paypal and wont accept any payment until they are all finished and I am happy with them.  Then at that point I will contact everyone by email for shipping details and payment.


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