Machinima - Format

As a result of being nominated for two AVI choice award for Favorite artist and Favorite machinima artist I will be posting a machinima every few days.

   This machinima is called Format and again has a poem to go along with it.   The question asked within the poem is whether I might format or erase my mind if I could start anew.  So that would be forgetting all family, friends and loved ones but also forgetting all hurt and loss.  It is the idea that if a technology existed that could format our minds then what would that line be which kept us on one side or the other.  How much sorrow would one absorb and live with?  Might we move through life carrying sorrows with us, but also those few yet beautiful moments of joy which we could not bear to lose.

I built this entire set for the machinima and filmed it in one single uncut segment which begins and ends at the same spot.  It was tricky haha.   Anyway here it is.


Would I format my mind
if I could come back new
with no hurt nor loss
but no memories of you.

Do I have enough love
to rust away,
could I delete it all
for a new first day?

I wish I could change
some of the things I've done,
take some steps
where I had taken none

but you are gone now
and I sit alone,
where an acorn fell
that is now fully grown

and I write you poems
in Garamond font,
because I am content to fade
as I have no wants.


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