AVI choice award nomination and 26 tines poem machinima

I was nominated for an AVI choice award the other day, actually two, one for Favorite Artist and the https://avichoiceawards.com/vote-here-the-arts/
other for Favorite Machinima artist.  It is in the art section of voting if you are interested

So this gives me a reason to post various machinima I have done over the years!  I will try to post one every few days until the voting ends sometime late November.  In other news my new build Hand should open late November as well which kind of sucks because Linden Lab will probably start promoting Christmas things right when it opens.. but meh what can you do?
Some of the machinima such as this one below are older and won't be in HD.  Will be a mix and I will probably post mostly my poem machinimas.

This first one is called 26 Tines.  It is a poem about two experimental creations that come together after the laboratory closes for the night.  One resides in a brine filled jar while the other puts one of its cables inside so they may plug and connect through a power cord.  The 26 tines refers to the parts at the end of the cable which insert into the outlet on its back thus connecting them.  I have often felt that I would like to almost climb inside anothers mind to communicate directly how I feel rather than use speech or text which sometimes feels blunt and ungainly to me.  I imagined a cord which could connect two people and make them one.  These in the laboratory are the dismissed or discarded yet at night they show the need for another to be close.

26 Tines

The Laboratory is silent
the scientists gone
we have seven hours
before the dawn

Come to me through the half light
to my jar by the rack
surrender your cord
to the adapter on my back

26 tines
at the end of your cable
connect you to me
so that we are able

to feel emotions drawn
through the cables caress
and forget 'till the dawn
our lonliness.


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