Machinima - Mayfly

As a result of being nominated for two AVI choice award for Favorite artist and Favorite machinima artist I will be posting a machinima every few days.

You might recognize this windlight from Firestorm,  I created it for this machinima.  Well I think most of you know by now that I find bugs fascinating,  they are like little robots to me all jerky and fast.  Many are stunningly beautiful and frail yet remarkably resilient.  After reading about the life cycle of the Mayfly I couldn't help but see it in a poetic way.  She spends her life in the darkness under the water yet for one day she is transformed.  She sprouts wings and flies up and away from the darkness to the sun and many other Mayflies.  Often she will be reborn from the larvae with no mouth because it is unnecessary, since she will only live hours.  This machinima, unfortunately, was created before I could do HD so it might be fairly low rez.


The mayfly lives under rock and stone
or dying plants left in decay
born an orphan she lives alone
and from the mud she rarely strays

She lives this life for several years
in water dark 'till fully grown
one day her body disappears
reborn, her mouth's both closed and sewn

On her back she sprouts some wings
In ecstacy flies to the sky
for just one day she spends with Kings
for night demands that she must die.


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