The Facebook death of Bryn Oh - Day three

     I woke up today with the words of Dr Facebook ringing in my ears.  It went "Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong..."  Wait WTF! that's the church bells ringing the time.  Damn church bells.  I waited patiently for the bells to stop so I could hear the words of Dr Facebook ringing in my ears.  "Oh fucking hell its 12 O'clock! of course its the longest of the rings."  I continued waiting and finally they finished and then Dr Facebooks words began to ring in my ears.   

"You only think you are Bryn Oh.  We suspect you are really someone else."

     Somebody else?  How could I be somebody else.. like who?  I hope I am not Kanye West that pantload is really annoying.  Since I got the prognosis from the Doctor I had not been feeling quite myself.  I noticed that I had been swearing more often and drinking more tea than coffee.  I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  I looked closely at myself.  I appeared normal.. like I always did.  Except.. wait...  I have horns!  Have I always had horns?  Normal people don't have horns do they?.  And my skin seems a bit.. well .. corpse like.  Maybe I just need some more sun.  I will ask Dr Facebook to prescribe me a beach chair and a drink with a tiny umbrella in it.  Those umbrealla are so fun!  and sometimes they even open and close teehee.  Wait concentrate Bryn... I looked a bit longer and suddenly noticed that my right eye seemed to be fading.  Like my face was slowly disappearing.  It was as though someone with limited talents at Gimp used an eraser button at 72% opacity to erase a bit of my eye.  "Holy shi..."  I took control of myself with an effort.  "Holy sugar I am like that photo from Back to the Future.  If I don't make a fake library card with a Bryn Oh name on it to show Dr Facebook then .. well then I will disappear."  I wish I could remember that movie better.  I think Michael J Fox had to make love to his mother or something.  Wait no that doesn't sound right.  McFly had to punch out that dude and then make out with Michael J Fox's mom.  The wheels began turning in my mind.  Maybe.. maybe if I punched out Dr Facebook and then made out with him then I would stop fading away.  No that is stupid, what I need to do is buy a hud then collect the parts to make a fake library card after reading a notecard on how to set the windlight.  Wow frustrating.
  I decided to look for a clue in my profile for Facebook that might lead me to find out who I really was.  I looked at the info.  I am from Toronto yes.  I went to the Ontario College of Art and Design correct.  I was born on the 19th of April, 1905 yes.  Wait what?  Am I 110 years old?  I don't think I am that old.  Something seems suspicious.  Maybe my Second Life 1st life tab will help clear this up.  It said..
                      "I am just a cat walking on a keyboard.. with surprising results"

No problems there.  Wait.  Actually that seems very unlikely to me.  The cat somehow walked on the keyboard and installed Second Life, made a password and built various artworks over eight years? All by randomly walking on the buttons?  Someone had thought they made a foolproof front, but they didn't count on Bryn Oh exposing the masquerade by carefully reading between the lines.  Well the one line I guess.  So I suppose I didn't really read between any lines since it simply says "I am just a cat walking on a keyboard.. with surprising results" on a single line.  But I did read that one line very well and saw the cracks in the lie that others accepted as truth.   This mystery was beginning to unravel.


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