Occulus Rift at Sundance film festival

At Sundance film festival the first movie for use with the Occulus Rift was premiered.  The creation by Story Studio, an in house production company from Occulus itself.  Created by Saschka Unseld who also did the Pixar short The Blue Umbrella.  From everything I have read the movie itself blew everyone away.  The way people describe it is actually the way we have been describing narrative in our virtual world for a while now.  They talk about the freedom of movement, the feeling of being in a story rather than passively observing one being told.  The idea of the active participant.  This is likely the first of many new things created for VR that is part game part movie (though I think this is not particularly interactive yet)  Oculus Story Studio plans to release four more VR experiences this year including Bullfighter, which seems to focus on adrenaline, then a comedy about a hedgehog with a balloon fascination called Henry, and  Dear Angelica.  There is a video below which introduces Story Studio.

Thanks to Blotto Epsilon for linking me


Penumbra Carter said…
I am concerned about leaving the "physical" life and its neurological experiences behind.
RAG said…
I have found that using the Occulus Rift in a virtual environment grabs my attention in a big way: I am in the Holodeck. Being in a new environment, my brain is very energized and responsive. I look forward to experiencing well made stories and creating well made stories for this new environment and medium.

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