Hozier surprise choir

     I just wanted to share this video I discovered.  One of my favorite songs right now is called "Take me to church" by a relatively new artist named Hozier.  He was saying the other day that he had imagined his career as being one where he would spend ten years or so slogging away at little clubs and if he was lucky to make a living out of making music.  So imagine his surprise when so early in his career he has had such a huge hit.  So this footage is of him in Paris at a small club doing his hit song during a show.  He begins take me to church and not too many seem to know the song in the audience but what is awesome is... a choir came to his show and stood in the front row.  They are clearly fans and sang the choir portions that were in the studio version. A choir is too big to take on tour so he must normally just have this quieter version.  It is priceless seeing him smiling when they suddenly start singing along with him.

and this is the original if you want to hear the studio version with the choir.


Tom said…
What a lovely video to share. I did not know of him, but as you say to watch his reaction is heart warming - such a gift from the choir received with such grace.


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