Imogen and the pigeons machinima - fixed dialogue

     Yeah so.. I.. um forgot to put in some dialogue in the previous render of the machinima.  I have
looked around for someone to blame other than myself but it is difficult to find a scapegoat when nobody else is involved.  What I expect happened, though it sounds a bit far fetched, is that my cat perhaps walked over my keyboard when I was not looking, and through a complex and near moonwalk type of shuffle my cat Loki must have somehow erased the dialogue then jumped down to have a snooze before I returned to notice.  I really can't imagine any other scenario.  Anyway here is the fixed version of the machinima if you have a burning desire to watch it again.  And if you have linked or embedded the previous one somewhere, and it is not too much trouble, please delete that.  One of my personality quirks is to be bothered by people seeing an artwork of mine that is not the "final" artwork that I am happy with.  For example seeing a Flickr photo of my work where half of it didn't rez or something.    Anyway I will stop talking now.. here it is.


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