MiC and Vogue update

This is a post just to update some things from a month or so ago.  The machinima above was created by Mexi Lane for the Museum in Contempori (MiC)  of my work called Family Unit.  She did a wonderful job to record it which is great because I didn't get much footage of the build for myself.  The build was quite successful with over 10, 000 visitors to MiC.  I am sure they didn't all come to see my build but lets pretend they did.  Thank you Mexi for inviting me to show and it was fun to know it was being shown in Rome at the same time.

The other update is for the Vogue magazine article.  I still think it is pretty interesting that Bryn, a digital characters, was written about in a magazine for humans.  There was no mention nor inquiry into who is behind Bryn Oh and that acceptance goes in the opposite direction to where other social media demand a connection to ones real life.  Facebook for example no doubt demands our personal information because companies will not purchase info that will not lead them to a bank account.  What they don't seem to understand yet, is that anonymous accounts still  have bank accounts but they often are just used as barriers or filters to prevent intrusion into our real life.
   I have an email I use just for filling out forms online that may end up filling my email with spam.  So if I buy a new monitor from Samsung for example, they will require i fill out a registration to get help if I need it in the future.  I will give them my info but for my name I will put Bryn Samsung or Bryn Monitor.  Then if I get an email in a few months saying Dear Bryn Samsung we want to sell you so and so.  I then know it was Samsung who sold my personal info to whoever just contacted me.  My point though is that I create a barrier to filter everyone who is trying to get at my money from those who are important to me such as family and friends.  I think companies will do whatever they can to prevent this from happening but really the people have the power and they will do as we say if we end up pushing the matter.

It was just my luck that the article was printed in a special month where the magazines price was inflated to $65.  Sigh.  It is embarrassing to spend that much when I know I will just put it in a box somewhere.  I have attempted to place the magazine precariously on the edge of a bookshelf so that when friends come by they may accidentally knock it off thus starting a conversation about me being in the magazine.  Maybe if I bend it enough it may even open up to the exact page of the article when it hits the floor.  Sadly my friends are more coordinated than I am.  Anyway here are two jpegs of the magazine.  All joking aside I was flattered to be mentioned.  The translation can be read here if you would like to see what they said about the artists.  http://brynoh.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-have-few-things-to-mention-today.html


Indigo Mertel said…
Hey, hey... some months ago it was RAI, now Vogue Italia. You get lots of attention from Italian media... :)

And I am very happy you do, Bryn.
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Indigo, yes I don't really know why I seem to be popular in Italy, but it makes me happy. I studied in Florence for a year and loved the country very much.
Anonymous said…
Dear Bryn Samsung,
Just as you throw off the corporate hounds as a real customer with an alias moniker so too you confound your cartoon cohorts with your digital alias incarnation as creator/artist attached to a real (we think) human. Perhaps your blog too and the other real life births of digital Bryn are yet more layers of subterfuge to unveil the truth through artful creations. I am at once amazed, perplexed, vexed, and awed by you or is it Bryn. I fear my homages may tip over the Rubicon of obsession but really the work you have done here just draws me and connects so many dots on my complex narrative of self. The Italians are right to give you so much attention. The character as art is an old conceit from ancient plays to modern movies, such beings are immortalized and frozen in time by the art form. What is interesting here, machinima notwithstanding, you have a character the lives and breathes with the author. Is it not the Author we all seek to pattern this madness with a story, a narrative, a brush with which to piant out tales, make them real, not let our tears dry without an audience to see them rolling down our cheeks. Fleeting, the rust of time is a strong motif in your works, as is the juxtaposition of dying humanity seeking eternity through the preservation of life in the electrons of a machine. We are nobody, fleeting, subject to time, dying, an illusion but in these characters we live as others, immortals, in the timeless realm of art. Art may after all be the dark matter mother well from which the universe was born. Are you the servant of this religion? In the metaphor of this great role play called sl I have always conceived of Bryn as the Author my cartoon/human character has been been waiting for to explain the parts? What does she intend? Why are we here? What next? Why? How? Her stories must have the answers. Yes? Confoundedly, the Author has been found to be more generous, humorous, and human than expected and sadly I am not a charter in her play. But even as a spectator still I seek the Author. The mask is frozen, the horns balaze, but it is the Author that haunts this land with the afterimages of her mind. Sorry but these rambles have to come out. Luckily blue moons are infrequent. I really just wanted to say, the magazine is always opened to your art in my brain book. Ramble out. Semaj
I found it fairly easy to manipulate photos and I think it came out great.. I needed to fix up some before and after photos and I think it worked out pretty well. Wish I had seen the screencasts before hand though, but I think it came out well enough.
Anonymous said…
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