Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vogue Article and Musei in Comune di Roma opening

     I have a few things to mention today. One is a print article where Bryn Oh, Rose Borchovski the UWA and others are talked about in Vogue Magazine, while the other is an opening of mine tomorrow at a real life / SL museum in Rome called MiC Musei in Comune di Roma.
Interview with MiC

      If you wish to take out the grace and beauty of a language then Google translate it. Sadly the Vogue article below is a bit confusing after the translation but you will get the idea of its focus. It is commendable that Simona Lamonaca came into SL and did a responsible job of reporting unlike the many others who strive for sensationalism.  Below is a much better translation kindly done by Opensource Obscure.

"In its earliest years, Second Life has been talked about and hyped as the bleeding edge of communication and business on the Net; many perceived (and marketed) it as a promised land, which would allow anybody to create fabulous parallel lifes just inside their computer.
Then, like a modern Ferdinandea island, the virtual archipelago seemed to have sunk right after its volcanic rise. Awareness about Second Life faded. Just yet another trend? Actually, those who think this world is dead are wrong. After the hype, Second Life simply became what it meant to be: an inter-disciplinary platform for experimentation. Here, art is one of the most vibrant experiences.
All over the world, institutions are leveraging on Second Life as a medium, buying virtual islands called 'sims' to promote and host art research: UWA (University of Western Australian), ArtSpace UTSA (University of Texas), and Spencer Museum of Art (University of Kansas).
This is happening in Italy too.
Mind (Milan network for design, 2010) is a successful Italian master course hosted by the Academy of Brera (Politecnico di Milano, Milan) to spread innovative skills in the planning of artistic events. The project includes Second Life, where it is based in Imparafacile Island (
Mic is the one-year-old virtual space of the Capitoline Museums Network in Rome ( Research in Mic is developed across a dual channel: virtualization of ongoing exhibitions in Roman museums (currently featured: Leonardo and Michelangelo), and promotion of purely virtual installations which include video projections at Macro Museum. An ongoing example is the highly anticipated exhibition by Canadian artist Bryn Oh. As a sim designer, Bryn Oh uses virtual spaces to develop 3D representations of her interactive stories ("Immersiva", "Anna's many murders"). Also an artist in real life, Bryn recently received a grant from the Canadian government to pursue her virtual activity.
And there are huge expectations for another event, which is planned for this Autumn: virtual art gallery Arte Libera ( will host Dutch artist Rose Borchovski (aka Saskia Boddeke). She will introduce a new chapter of "The Susa Bubble Story", a noir tale that has long enchanted the Metaverse. An interesting theater author, in 2009 Boddeke presented in Italy (at Parco della Musica in Rome and at Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan) "The Blue Planet", a 'multimedia oratorio' written with Peter Greenaway. In that occasion, videos made in Second Life had been released; Boddeke says Susa will appear in theaters soon.
Of course, not all virtual art endeavors stand to such achievements. Many people experiment with virtual art; few of them leave their mark by being sensitive, original and qualified with the technicalities of the medium. And the available budget can play an important part too: playing Second Life is free, but land space ownership has to be paid for. A full virtual island currently runs for USD 295/month + a one-time fee of USD 1.000.

-Simona Lamonaca / Vogue Magazine (translation by Opensource Obscure)

Next thing I need to mention is a new build I have opening tomorrow for the MiC a real life museum that is also in second life.  It is called "Family Unit" and it is a bit of a quirky take on, yes you guessed it, my family.  It was an interesting challenge to create a build for Musei in Comune di Roma because it was to be based around a machinima of the build rather than the actual 3D inworld creation.   Most of my works are made for the experience of navigating the 3D environment and then a machinima is created to catalogue or narrate the build.  But for me the unique artistic element to this medium is the navigation of the 3D space as an avatar.  So this build is a hybrid of something for the resident of the virtual world who will enjoy the open ended exploration with the other importance of it being composed for the real life machinima showcase in the Museum.  The only suggestion I would make is for you to click the "Urn" if you wish to find my Grandparents in the build.  They are not easy to find and you will have to quick and agile to get to them.  Your chances will be much better if you attempt it with a group of friends.

The opening is September 12 at 1.00 pm sl.  I will remind everyone in the Immersiva group.

SLURL to main meeting area at MiC

SLURL to start of my build
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