Gretchen and Teddy

Gretchen and Teddy is a work commissioned by Thalia Heckroth for the Costa Rica Sims.  Thalia was wonderful in that she merely asked how much it would cost for me to build something, I told her and then she paid me within moments.  She just trusted that I would make something worth the money that she had paid me and hopefully I did.
I really do appreciate her faith in me and her support for the arts.  Second Life ranges from the the professional experience to those who mistakenly think you are talking in Linden Dollars rather than real life rates.  Thalia is definitely from the former category.  Over the years she had commissioned people like Dizzy Banjo who composed a soundtrack for her islands.  She has work from Patch Thibaud the architect and his mentor DB Bailey the legendary architect who built work for this medium rather than recreations that worry about silly things like ... well gravity.  Have a look at DB's island called LOCUS.  It is kind of funny now that I think of it.  Second Life is the place where architects can create without the structural engineers harassing them about collapsing this or that death and destruction.  She also supports music by hiring people like ColeMarie Soleil to play for her visitors.

     Gretchen and Teddy is an adaptation of a poem I wrote a while ago to fit in with the overall narrative on Immersiva.  Gretchen is away from home when a catastrophe happens.  She hides in the basement of an old theatre and writes letters, that she can't mail, to her mother reassuring her and herself that everything is fine.  She is scared and alone but wakes up one morning to find that her childhood toy teddy bear has walked across the city to find her.  A robot toy that she grew out of but who never forgot her.

it is also in destinations guide if you want to tp from there..

 Below is the start to an oil painting for Gretchen and Teddy.  I will post the finished work when it is done but just thought i would include this now since it is all tied in.  These colours are a bit off since my tungsten lightbulb died today.  So it has been affected by my yellow lightbulbs.  By the way if you are a painter and have the problem of yellow light bulbs affecting how you see the colours on your painting.  Meaning you do a painting and bring it to the gallery only to find the colours are way different than you thought because everything was tinted a bit yellow by your lightbulbs.  Well what you do is use one normal bulb and then buy a cool bulb with a blueish tint.  The combination will create light which resembles normal daylight.  Less surprises this way.  Anyway, it will be fun to have a first life art exhibit that is influenced by my second life art.  It used to be the other way around.
Gretchen and Teddy oil painting unfinished
I finally had the opportunity to play with mesh and this build uses a few tests.  I have actually made Gretchen and Teddy out of a combination of mesh, sculpts and prims.  The draw of using a sculpt which costs 1 prim for a simple shape seemed more economical then a mesh.  But it is also quite possible I could reduce the cost of the mesh  in prim equivalents so that it is on par with a sculpt.  Have to experiment more.  Anyway this is my first try.


BobE Schism said…
Amazing work Bryn,
the lighting, colours, tone evocative mood, build, sound design, expert camerawork (I always love your mega long shots).... THIS is what virtual world filmmaking can be.

Anonymous said…
congrats bryn; and by the way, you can be sure that many people have faith in you. what are the terms when people commission you - do they "own" the build afterwards? and i'd like to know - can your oil paintings be purchased?
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Bobert!. Anonymous part of the negotiations for the commission determine that. Some ask for full perm which I don't do but if I did would be quite expensive. I think with Rezzable they asked that I not show a commission in Second Life for a period of one year in their contract. It varies. And yes my oil paintings can be purchased.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Bryn for the answers (and the art, and the blog)!
Anonymous said…
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