Anna's Many Murders book

Oh and the preview shows only 15 pages.  It is 42 pages.

     I made a physical book for Anna's Many Murders so I can read it to my brothers little daughter at night.... oh wait that's a terrible idea she will have nightmares.  Oh well too late I have already ordered them one.  One huge benefit in being an artist is you can do inappropriate things and people just shrug it off saying "oh they are just an artist..."   However if you do the same thing as a Lawyer people will exclaim "what on earth were they thinking!??"  One huge benefit in being a Lawyer though is that these unjust comments just make you cry into your pile of money.
     People have been asking for Anna's to be made into a book and so here it is.  And for those of you who have been asking for the full Rabbicorn story be made into one book then you will be pleased to know that I have begun to work on that as well.  So hopefully it will be finished within a few months.  I know I said that a few months ago but this time it really has a chance of being a true statement.
     Really though I make these books for myself.  Anna's was three months to create and was exhibited for two months then it fades off into my inventory.  Machinima and books like these are a nice way for me to keep a record of things I have done.  It is the transient nature of virtual worlds I suppose, things come and go.  I was speaking to a person the other day who was telling me of the greatest sims to go see.  They were very enthusiastic which is great, but were unaware of builds from the past such as Greenies or Black Swan.  It's funny but I imagine that if the original Greenies (not the heavily marketed version at the end) were to suddenly be plopped back into Second Life it would be seen as a brand new build and again become a very popular destination for explorers.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, it was a room on such as massive scale that avatars became mouse sized.  The theme inside was that some little green aliens arrived and were exploring the kitchen and living room.  You can see it on one my crappy early machinima from back in 2009 if you like Greenies


Apmel said…
Crappy is in the eye of the beholder..
Anonymous said…
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