Annas Many Murders machinima

Unfortunately the patron who had supplied me with a sim to build Annas Many Murders had come into hard times a few months ago when Annas opened and I took over paying for the sim.  I can not afford to rent the sim any longer.  So the build will come down in a week or so.  I am happy to have gotten this machinima done though.
This is the SLURL is you wish to see it before it goes.

The machinima can be shown full screen as it is HD.  Should be a button somewhere to do that.


Vincent Nesler said…
Wonderful story Bryn , i hope Anna will rebirth as a butterfly. :)
Zarrakan said…
=( That's a shame, but thank you for keeping it running as long as you could. It's beautiful.

I hope we get to see more of Anna. =3
Really enjoyed your exhibit.
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you everyone. I will post here if it comes out again.
Sally Caves said…
Perhaps Anna, like Rabbicorn, needs her own dark little novel, Bryn. ;)

Hypatia (aka Sally)
Anonymous said…
Sad to say the Buy rs goldcustomer which experienced provided me using a sim to make Annas Numerous Killings acquired come into crisis a few months ago as soon as Annas popped i had taken over paying for this simulator. I can't buy gw2 gold
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