#4 Nemo

Nemo is perhaps the most well crafted of all the sims on my list. Everything from the fine textures to the tiny detailing. Sextan Shepherd built this Jules Verne inspired world and guess what he does for a living? Painter? Sculptor? Designer? Illustrator? no no no silly, he is a financial reporter for a magazine. Sextan really does embody the premise behind having a second life. Financial reporter by day and creator of fine steampunk by night.
You can see sextan's passion for steampunk in virtually everything on the sim. He didn't rush though a single portion of the work and the whole build is planned out quite well. It has some areas of emptiness and some full of activity, a really nice balance to keep the viewer interested. Often in a work of art the artist will have an area in the work which is quite detailed with information or varied colour or line. An area which is dynamic and busy. If an entire work is created this same way then the viewer will lose some interest because the creation will become somewhat monotonous. This applies to everything from subject matter to brush stroke etc. What the artist does in this case is to create areas of tranquility for the viewer to "relax" in.
So if it were a painting we were talking about then the artist might have an area in the painting of say people fighting in the civil war. Some people shooting each other and perhaps an explosion or two. The brush strokes might be wild and thick, very dramatic to show chaos. If the whole painting were done this way then it would actually lose some of its dramatic nature. The artist might create a space beside all the fighting which was a green field with very few brush strokes etc. A place of tranquility for the eye to rest in. Then when the eye moves on from this spot to another area of chaos it becomes dramatic again due to the contrast.
Sextan's Nemo is composed very much like this. Large areas of calm water juxtaposed against whirling gears and towers. A really wonderful sim. And I believe there is a new Nemo coming out soon too.

#4 from 2009 - Selavy Oh "State of Formation"

#4 from 2008 - AM Radio "The Far Away"


ColeMarie said…
Really an amazing build. Hopefully there will be more XD
Anonymous said…
Nemo was a personal favorite of mine as well. Sextan's attention to detail with his textures is just amazing. I look forward to his next big project.
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