Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kseniya Simonova - sand art

     I have never really gotten along well with my computer.  It tolerates me and I grudgingly accept its power over my daily life.  That was until about five days ago when my computer got a virus.  Intentionally I believe.  I was working on something and noticed my computer was all sluggish and petulant.  I then noticed that my Nortons was completely off.  So it either didn't load when I turned on my computer (which is extremely rare) or the virus turned it off somehow.  So long story short everything on my computer was infected due to my computers bad attitude and so in retaliation I erased its brain.  I realized later that by formatting my hard drive I had lost a lot of things.  Thousands of songs, word documents, all my pictures and many of my SL videos.  The thought of starting over was exhausting to contemplate, so I instead lay around grumbling.
     The one positive element was that I was victorious over my computer.  I erased its brain so that must be considered winning I suppose.  I don't think it thought I would ever go to that extreme measure, but I did and it learned a valuable lesson which it has now forgotten because its brain is broken.  But it learned a valuable lesson for a very short time.  I am not sure what that lesson was but its something like don't be a jerk and get viruses.   I now have a fresh install and I am going to really make an effort to be friends with this new computer.  I have named it Gargamel.  One thing I did do a few years ago was to buy a external hard drive which I backed up most of my stuff on.  Unfortunately I kept telling it not to back stuff up.  Its name is Azriel.  So yes there is a Smurfs theme going on for my computer (I have a second hard drive named Papa Smurf).  Anyway, my whole point to this post was to say that everything will be delayed a bit.  I lost my top ten movies so need to redo them.  So what I will do is put up interesting things I like until I am ready to continue with my top ten favorite builds again.  This video below is the first.  It is what I believe to be a European talent show.  The vibrant girl in the video is working with sand, which is probably obvious.  It was so beautiful when I first saw her perform that I had tears in my eyes and I think I fell in love with her for a bit too.  Her name is Kseniya Simonova and is incredibly talented.  Her ability to conjure scenes and emotions with just a few quick loose movements of her hands is fascinating to watch.  She is so decisive and confident in her movements.  Not even a touch of nervousness.

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