"Mayfly" at Split-Screen installation space

Today Dividni opens his new installation space called Split-Screen. It is a space that will be available to artist for exhibition opportunities and quite possibly accompanied by his personal interpretation of the works. Dividni is an investigative reporter of the highest caliber as can be seen by this article here
I am just teasing but I really do enjoy his interpretations of SL art.

So in a time of diminishing art spaces its nice to see a new one opening dedicated to showcasing the arts. This is Dividnis post on Split-Screen with info should you like to contact him with a proposal to exhibit there.

My build is called Mayfly and is shown in the machinima above.. I would encourage you to put in the sky setting as I find it loses alot in midday sky. But pretty much try all the skies you like as it holds up quite well under most. This build for me was a desire to create something windlight friendly. I have in the past created builds with specific sky settings that blend colours to how i want them, but I have found that many don't put them in or the build doesn't hold up well if not viewed in the specific sky i build it in. So this one is versatile.

The build was inspired by my fascination with the poetic life of the Mayfly. Living in the mud for years but transforming into a winged entity, reborn without even a mouth to feed, and lives for just one day or even just hours with the ability to fly. Its beautiful really. Here is my poem for her.

The Mayfly lives under rock and stone
or dying plants left in decay
born an orphan she lives alone
from the mud she rarely strays

She lives this life for several years
In water dark 'till fully grown
one day her body disappears
reborn, her mouth's both closed and sewn

On her back she sprouts some wings
in ecstasy flies to the sky
for just one day she spends with Kings
for night demands that she must die.

The second portion to split screen hosts a build by the talented Miso Susanowa.  Misos work often reflects on earlier stages of computer or internet history.  Ranging from the time of LPMUDs, DikuMUDs, MUSHes, LAMDAMoo's and so on to the current stage we are at in Second Life.  Miso is quite an entertaining person to speak with and has many a good story to tell so I would encourage you to speak with her about it.

Split-Screen will also have a small shop which allows the artists to sell the odd thing with no commission.  It's always nice to eat food so that will be a welcome addition.

I am going to add the SLURL here in a few hours.
and here it is...   Mayfly


Possibly my most favorite video you've made so far. Really lovely. You are super talented and I'll always think so.
Isabella Alphaville said…
Just beautiful Bryn. . .lovely. . .I've posted in on my Facebook page so that more ppl can see your incredible work.
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you Cole.. or should I say Dank Sie. And thank you too Isabella I appreciate that.
Miso Susanowa said…
ty Bryn for your nice words; I love "Mayfly," it's very peaceful and relaxing. I've also cross-posted on my blog.
Anonymous said…
Bryn for yourgw2 gold great phrases; I enjoy "Mayfly,In . it is extremely tranquil and also calming. I've also cross-posted on my Diablo 3 itemsblog site.

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