Digital Cafe on RAI - conference on digital innovation

I spoke to Christina Cilli, an Italian theoretician and curator of VR art, and she asked to interview me on an Italian tv channel named RAI.  Starting from December 5th they are going to have a yearly conference on digital innovation and I get to be on the inaugural one.  They will do a 20 min segment on Bryn Oh and it will be held at my new build Standby on IBM.  It will start at 5pm Italian time... which is 11 am for me.. and 8am SL time.
     So this is how it works if I understand correctly, if you are outside Italy you can go to the website of RAI and watch it there.  Here is the link... Digital Cafe
   If you find yourself with nothing to do tomorrow then that is an option.  It is a 2 hour show and should be quite interesting.  I really wish that I spoke Italian because I am a wee bit confused,  but if you do miss it then I imagine I can post the interview here in a few days. 

Here is the google translation from the website.

 I am hand soap wearing Second Life stink punch.  Artists jumping fly dragon love.  Woot event we all happy run run.  Bryn Oh cartoon IBM oven set on high!Flying machine gun angry rabbit :(

 Ha just kidding.  SL translators are so crap but this one below seems to be ok.

Sunday, Dec. 5 hours17.00 Virtual Worlds: the new avant-garde art and cultureSpeakers: Francesca Marinetti Barbi, Marco Cadioli, Franco Fabbri, Maryva Mayo, Mayo Merlin, Federico Mollicone, Bryn Oh, Patrizia Nofi. Coordinators: Marina Bellini, Christina Cilli Posted by: Bellini M.
Virtual worlds, particularly Second Life, now offer a large range of communication and dissemination, as well as new spaces for art installations, immersive experience. Some of the players of Second Life will show the details and trends that are revolutionizing the field of art, but also through the dissemination of scientific and cultural conferences in 3D - MiC - Museums in Rome Capital City "- the shows turned into real installations virtual. - The premonitions of Technology Futurist: it speaks the nephew of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. - Marco Manray: from Second Life at MACRO - Burn, Pirats, Carleon: the great collective events of international art - Storytelling and poetry in the facilities of Bryn Oh - I "Science Café" Thales Flanagan)


Indigo Mertel said…
Hi Bryn, congratulations for the interviewed on RAI.

RAI is not exactly a TV channel, it's a public company like the BBC in the UK. It's also the largest content producer in Italy.

Too bad I found out about this only today. I missed the show :(
Bryn Oh said…
Oh I thought they were a TV channel, it was actually my fault for being so late to blog it. I even told my Immersiva group about it a few hours after it ended... but on the bright side I pressed the "like" button on facebook a few days before.

The good thing is they tell me it went over quite well and different people wish to publish it .. also they will put up the show on the internet in a few days.
Indigo Mertel said…
Ah, good to know. I'll keep an eye on your blog to know when the show will be online.
Anonymous said…
Bryn, you are not wrong about RAI. Is true that RAI is the national TV, but have many small branch, some just streaming like the one used for this event Digital Cafè. Italians are always bit exagerated.
Anonymous said…
Also I thoughtCheap wow gold they were a TV channel, it was actually my mistake internet marketing so past due to be able to blog the idea. My partner and i also advised my Immersiva group regarding it a couple of hours following it ended... however around the good side I hard pressed Buy rs goldthe actual "like" option on facebook several days before.

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