Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bob Barker and abandoned houses.

I think i mentioned a few months ago that I was going on vacation to work on Standby.
My brother gave me his time share which he wasn't going to use and so I decided to go to a ski resort called Blue Mountain ... without the snow. A ski resort with no snow is a very quiet place. They would have buffet breakfasts in the morning essentially for me, because I would be the only person there. It felt very decadent.
I think I may have also mentioned that I used to be involved with this Urban explorers group some years ago which involved getting into places you are not supposed to go to. Mostly abandoned spots that are interesting such as the Whitby psychiatric hospital (which is now demolished sadly) or closed subway stations you have to run down tracks to get to. All kinds of stuff. As a result I can't seem to drive past an abandoned building without trying to get inside to explore. What is even more fun is to drag my friends to these places and watch them get freaked out.
So I happened to have my video camera on me and filmed this abandoned house I found. I explored a second one too while i was there but forgot my camera that time.

One thing I would like from Linden Labs for Christmas...

Linden Labs are testing out a way for people outside SL (without Second Life being installed on their computer)to come in world to experience it. Currently they can do so with great results graphically, but can only stay for one hour and can only visit a few select sims. What I need is to be able to send out invitations via email to various people with a link they can click to come to my specific location in second life where I may have an exhibit. It would be an extremely easy way to bring people outside sl to see my work without requiring them to download and install the client, come inworld learn how to bugger about then eventually make their way to see my work. For example, suppose I were to apply for a grant for my SL artwork. Explaining SL and the virtual space is a real pain and time consuming, but if I were to be able to just supply a link or something similar, then they could easily just arrive and experience immediately. Direct to sl. It would also be nice if i could customize their viewer with sky settings and perhaps customize their avatar ahead of time as well... but perhaps I am asking too much for that.
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