Bob Barker and abandoned houses.

I think i mentioned a few months ago that I was going on vacation to work on Standby.
My brother gave me his time share which he wasn't going to use and so I decided to go to a ski resort called Blue Mountain ... without the snow. A ski resort with no snow is a very quiet place. They would have buffet breakfasts in the morning essentially for me, because I would be the only person there. It felt very decadent.
I think I may have also mentioned that I used to be involved with this Urban explorers group some years ago which involved getting into places you are not supposed to go to. Mostly abandoned spots that are interesting such as the Whitby psychiatric hospital (which is now demolished sadly) or closed subway stations you have to run down tracks to get to. All kinds of stuff. As a result I can't seem to drive past an abandoned building without trying to get inside to explore. What is even more fun is to drag my friends to these places and watch them get freaked out.
So I happened to have my video camera on me and filmed this abandoned house I found. I explored a second one too while i was there but forgot my camera that time.

One thing I would like from Linden Labs for Christmas...

Linden Labs are testing out a way for people outside SL (without Second Life being installed on their computer)to come in world to experience it. Currently they can do so with great results graphically, but can only stay for one hour and can only visit a few select sims. What I need is to be able to send out invitations via email to various people with a link they can click to come to my specific location in second life where I may have an exhibit. It would be an extremely easy way to bring people outside sl to see my work without requiring them to download and install the client, come inworld learn how to bugger about then eventually make their way to see my work. For example, suppose I were to apply for a grant for my SL artwork. Explaining SL and the virtual space is a real pain and time consuming, but if I were to be able to just supply a link or something similar, then they could easily just arrive and experience immediately. Direct to sl. It would also be nice if i could customize their viewer with sky settings and perhaps customize their avatar ahead of time as well... but perhaps I am asking too much for that.


Add your characteristic lonely desert wind, and that film would be unmistakable Bryn Oh cinema.
Miso Susanowa said…
lol Bryn, I just got back from exploring an abandoned cemetary (complete with crematorium). I also was an Urban Explorer in LA and got inside both the old hidden Chinese opium/underground railroad tunnels in LA Chinatown and the Bradbury Building before they renovated it, when it still looked exactly like it did in 'Blade Runner'. Somewhere there are photos...

I am dense; I missed the "Bob Barker" reference :( ('let's make a deal?')
Bryn Oh said…
Oh I thought Bob Barker was from the game show "The Price is right" that's kind of why i made the I can afford an abandoned house because the price is right joke. But if he was from a different game show then please ignore my joke.
Bryn Oh said…
Oh and if you didn't notice the old newspaper i found at the end it was about Bob Barker. I guess he had just started the game show he was doing whichever one it was.
Kandinsky said…
These abandoned places where people have lived gives me such an enormously strong feeling of life, though the houses are dying, decaying.
The traces of life are in a way more obvious than in a "living" room.
Pictures invade my head and they are all about the everyday life that might have taken place here and the persons that led it.
In the north of Sweden I visited the non-existing remains of a small town with some friends who lived there as children.
Deep in the wilderness is an opening in the wood with some signs standing in the grass. "School" "Cinema" "Store" "Church" "Gasstation", etc.
3 000 peple lived here for about ten years, in the end of the fifties and beginning of the sixties. They were labour workers for the development of the waterpower supply and their families. When the building of the big pond was finished they all left for the next place and the town was torn down.
My friend who lived there as a child and went to school there, managed to recognize a very big stone in the outskirts of the opening.
"But at that time one could even buy grasshoppers in chocolate at the store", he said.
Bryn Oh said…
I see them in a similar way to you Kandinsky. For me they are like puzzles and I can't help but wonder why they were abandoned or what was going on at the time. In the video there is a room full of childrens clothes. All the adult clothes were taken yet why not the childrens? My mind always does that movie trick where the scene changes from the abandoned destroyed room to slowly fade into the vibrant living space with laughter and movement.
Miso Susanowa said…
You are right, Bryn; he was on both "The Price is Right" and "Let's make a deal" so your joke did not go astray; only my poor memory.

Yes, I see those spaces as dense with the layers of time and history, entire films and novels took place there. They really make me feel the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of life.
Semaj said…
and what are we looking for in the figment of an artist thought, in rooms of a forgotten life, what idea seeds has she wrought and how they fertilize the mind, and what is she looking for, the archeologist of the soul, digging bottles buried in the mind, wandering day and night in crumbling asylums and broken buildings, drinking in her visions and dreaming out her characters, but only once their lives are done, bones on the hills, rust on the wires, ghost in the fog

your rl explorations are an apt metaphor for your artistic visions: ‘‘trying to get inside to explore ... places you are not supposed to go to”, your re-creation of “abandoned spots”, lives, and things that one has to often “run down tracks to get to" or rather teleport, camera explore, and/or for instance look under an umbrella to read word poems with hidden secrets of an abandoned past of their own, ciphers within ciphers, within robots white dreams
Anonymous said…
hi bryn! your idea of experiencing sl without a viewer is of course interesting ll, since that could help them reach a broader audience. the hassle of installing a client application is the main reason why sl has not been more successful. another reason is the need for the user to have a good graphic card; all the expensive computing is performed on the client side.
Anonymous said…
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