Standby is now open at IBM Exhibit A

Standby is now open at IBM exhibit A.

Standby is the third and final part to the Rabbicorn story. I strongly suggest you watch these two machinima if you are unfamiliar with the story. Better yet would be to go through the builds themself.

I have put both the Rabbicorn story and the Daughter of Gears physical builds on Immersiva.

I have also written up both on my blog where you can watch the machinima if you prefer to do it that way.

The post on the Daughter of Gears

The post on the Rabbicorn story


Malu Zhao said…
You made me cry, its beautiful.
Great history :)
Natsuki Morigi said…
Dear Bryn
I am having trouble TPing from the scence 7 - I get a message saying I am not on the access list - am I missing something?

So far I love the story and the beautiful build.
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you Malu, and Natsuki the build is chopped up into subdivided areas and one of those areas was set to private for some reason so thats why you could not get in... all fixed now though.
Natsuki Morigi said…
Thank you very much Bryn
I am looking forward to continuing.
Natsuki Morigi said…
Beautiful Bryn. Incredibly beautiful and moving. *sob*
no more Robobears.
Pho Vinternatt said…
You always leave me humbled and speehless. Thank you. <3
Anonymous said…
Maybe we used to be dying stars whose souls were placed in human form for safekeeping like the mother places the soul of her daughter in a machine. While Bryn Oh hasn’t worked as long as Michelangelo on the chapel and I hope is not going blind staring hours long into the dripping light of PC, she has created quite a master collection of digital/video art in the last few years. If only one could have remotely popped in to check on the work of Michelangelo up on his scaffold, but here we are constantly at her avatar's feet and between her ears, harrying her with IM’s as she works and plays out her “loose diary hidden behind the veil of robots.” I am a devoted disciple of artistic immersion. You do not view this art so much as live it. As she has been creating her “loose diary” I have been using these worlds as a sounded board of sorts to sort out my own demons of abandonment, love, and loss. My burdens are lessoned here. My hope is renewed here. In the transference of souls to machines with the sick daughter in the Daughter of the Gears and the scientist project in the Rabbicorn her work echoes many creation myths wherein the creator fashions a creature of sorts from mud/earth/sand and imbues this form with the breath of life. Even Gods get lonely. The tools of art are always transformative/technological, be they chisel, pigment, pixel. What I find fascinating is how Bryn Oh has taken what is certainly considered a modern art form in a tool usage sense and created a folk/mythology story that touches on the common questions of human frailty and the tenuous grasp we have on life and love. Thank you for letting us dream of a world where melancholy is tempered with hope, where loss is a prelude to love, where human hearts disconnected by distance and time can reflect, get lost, get found again, are destroyed and rebuilt. This keyboard, the internet, these cables and wires connect us to the white of your dreams as reflected in your art/stories. Your art is real, not just metaphorical. A “place for outcast … who don’t fit inside this world” to find a home.

Anonymous said…
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