Soleil and Skye


 One of the great things about Second Life is its ability to connect people with similar tastes from all parts of the world.  In some cases these connections can turn into collaborations.  One such collaboration is between two great musical talents.  One is Colemarie Soleil who is a type of modern Renaissance man .. so I guess Renaissance woman.  She works in everything from machinima, fashion and particles to music.  She can often be found performing in her group Cole's Corner.  Tasuku Ghost previously lead a band named Grass Ark Parade and recently the two combined to make a supergroup called Soleil.  I created the machinima above to showcase one of their original songs.  So without SL we can safely say they likely would never have connected, seeing as Cole is from the USA and Tasuku is from Japan.  What I also find fascination is that SL as a tool allowed them to meet yet also communicate using a translator.  Originally they could barely communicate with one another and the music came out as the language.  They both are making great strides to learn each others language but I just really like the unique way SL has allowed them to work together.
     There really is a great deal of musical talent in Second Life and one recent example was for the Live4Pakistan benefit where Skye Galaxy called in to play a song.  The event had a bunch of musicians performing but at one point Imogen Heap was unable to play as she was caught in a hurricane.  This was a bit catastrophic for the host Ze Frank who put out a call out to the listeners to come forward and play.  I mean you can imagine how risky that could have been, imagine if I called in and sang?  it would have been like someone let a donkey loose in the room.  Below is the live recording of what happened when Skye offered to sing.  He blew the host away not to mention everyone who was listening.  Apparently everyone was twittering "who is Sean Ryan?"

I am going on vacation for a week this sunday, so if anyone needs to contact me please leave a notecard in world.


Enjoy your time away, Bryn. I hope you're going somewhere great!
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Dividni. My brother actually had a time share he wasn't going to use and he gave it to me so I am going to this place called Blue Mountain

Its going to be alot of hiking and I don't know what else. I am really excited!
Anonymous said…
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