World Expo - no sound

 I had originally seen the work of Marcus Inkpen at Burning Life / Burn 2.0?  last year and his work went into my Elevensies machinima below.  I think at BL he would have had at most 1000 prims to work with, and I wondered what he might do with a full sim.  So when I was contemplating artists to help with the World Expo project he was one of the first who came to mind, and he really didn't disappoint with this build.


     Another great thing about Marcus is his dedication.  He is an extremely hard worker who spent months painstakingly ensuring it was exactly how he envisioned it.  Originally on island five there were to be a group of artists building the final island, and just days before the opening some stomped off in anger when I made some suggestions on how to make it more unified.  As you can imagine I was not terribly impressed with having to build a sim in three days after this group had been sitting on the sim for a month.  Water under the bridge though, but as you can imagine working with artists like Glyph and Marcus, who are both professional and reliable, is a very attractive bonus.  Please watch the machinima below in HD.  Just click where it says 360p and you can pick one of the top two which are HD.

     Not sure if part of Marcus's build was in homage to this structure from
the world expo in 1967.  Some of best elements from Marcus's build is his wonderful texturing.  There is no feeling of repetition as you move through the sim, yet it remains connected from the spacious house on the hill to the stacked shantytown.  Sometimes by having two separate distinct builds that have physical space between them, a disconnection can arise where the viewer sees them as separate builds,  yet Marcus was able to make the transition seamless between the two sides.  The machinima I created doesn't use Marcus's sky preset nor does it follow the theme of there being no sound.  I believe Marcus plans to film his own showing it more along the lines of how he envisioned it, so I will post that here at some later point when its completed.


Moti Moody said…
oh Bryn!
it's so beautiful the part with cole, specially when u follow her in the bridge and when u both are sitting down on the bench <3
I'm happy I was there `-´
Anonymous said…
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