World Expo island three - no colour



   The early part of this build was what I used for the Moby video competition a month ago so it might look a bit familiar.  When you walk through the sim it will morph on a timer between my shopping carts and some wonderfully colourful foliage Soror Nishi gave me.  The actual scripting to change from shopping carts to trees was done by Desdemona Enfield and I really appreciate her taking the time to create it.  It was an idea that I had given up on due to my poor scripting, but she was able to write it in a few days or so.

I would strongly suggest you put in the sky settings at the start of this sim as I really feel its what blends the colours properly to create the mood. Here is the slurl...

  If you go there for filming and wish to alternate quickly between carts or trees then you can type in chat "vendor" to have it change to carts and type "tree" to change to the foliage.  The sims were made primarily for machinima so having to wait 8 min between changes if you messed up a shot would just have been too annoying.  Oh kind of off topic but cool.  I was sent this wikipedia link someone made for machinima and myself and some other SL artists were mentioned.  I don't really understand how wiki works and it seems its an "orphan" entry which I think means its not linked to anything, so therefore harder to find, but I still like it.  Anyway here it is if you would like to read it.  Its just a small thing but for some reason I like it.   At worst it will inform you about some of the machinima artists working here in SL and what they have done in the past if you are not already familiar with that.

Wikipedia - Machinima: Virtual filmmaking

Once filming was done I added the burning life build I did last year to the sim. It is called Vessel's Dream and is a fairly difficult cam build. Below is its machinima if you wish to go see it.


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