World Expo - no love - Bryn Oh

This is the first island of the World Expo. As with all five it is missing one element. Love/emotion. The machinima above shows the build with my Bluniverse sky preset which you can either download the xml file (as well as getting island three's sky setting at the same time) or you can plug it in manually. To get the xml files go here :// (thanks to Alfred Torok for the ftp location) and you just copy them somewhere like
C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewerMeshFirstLook\app_settings\windlight\skies
depending on what version of SL you use it will be slightly different.

Aino Baar from OPEN THIS END put together the narrative for the whispering tree. The idea is that each island is missing something love/energy/colour/sound/light. If you whisper to a tree your wish it will be granted. At this point that which was missing from the land will be returned. It is quite a challenge to convey this story and most of the machinimatographers have been trying a variety of approaches. For myself I am only loosely portraying the stories.

The music for this machinima was created by SL resident Tama Ahn who is a talented yet irritatingly unmotivated friend of mine. He creates some really nice builds as well as hauntingly beautiful music as you can hear in the machinima. Sadly he wanders around in a state of ennui much of the time. He is actually a bit annoyed with me as he composed this music for island three and I have placed it in this machinima for island one. Fortunately his annoyance was overpowered by his ennui. It is a real pleasure for me to tease Tama.

Kazuhiro Aridian
stepped forward and made us a version of tree with animation for this event. Really appreciate her/him doing that. If you click her name in this post it will take you to her store where you will see his/her wonderful avatars. Or if you prefer check this youtube vid of one.


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