7 Days Magic Bakery

7 Days Magic Bakery is an entertaining sim whose sugar daddy is Vivartia, the 35th largest company in Europe.  The sim is a bit Willy Wonka and a bit Jetsons.  The build is a bit Maya and the jokes are a bit terrible.  But bad in a good way if that makes any sense.  What really caught my attention though was the production values used in building this sim.  There is quality voice acting and what sounds like a custom soundtrack too.  It just seemed to put me in a good mood when i arrived.
     It is essentially a subtle advert.  They are not trying to bombard you with their corporate identity.  Its not a slap-chop infomercial.  It's an advert with the understanding that they have more than a 30 second slot on TV to grab your attention.  It is essentially a commercial which has been running since 2008.  People come and enjoy the sim and over time the name 7 days is remembered and people like me mention their company on a blog.
     It's kind of interesting now that I think of it.  They have been around for a few years and lets say its cost them around $9500 in tier fees.  Then they hired some people to make the sim.  I am going to say it cost  $20, 000 in voice acting and soundtrack and builders etc.  It might be more or less than that I really don't know, mainly because I am an artist and we get paid in crusts of bread and "exposure".  Oh that reminds me of a funny video, I will include it at the bottom.  But it says online that the average cost for producing a 30 second commercial costs approximately $350, 000.  Wow it also says a 30 second bit during the super bowl is 2.5 million.  Anyway, its kind of apples and oranges, but considering that I rarely watch TV, and when I do I mute the commercials its pretty expensive.  Its even worse if you look at my brother whose TV quite helpfully records shows he likes during the day which he watches at night.  But it also cuts out the commercials for him.
    So is Second Life advertising better than TV advertising?  No that's just crazy talk.  You need to see a brain doctor, I will drive you there.  I can't believe you thought that.  But I do think maybe a sim like this is good advertising for the price and more importantly, I think the non aggressive subtle long term approach just makes me like them a bit better.  I mean I think we can all agree that they just want our money.  Sure my bank says that I am not just a number, but its not like they have ever invited me over for dinner or anything.  So I guess if you are going to try to take my money, or imprint your brand on my poor brain, then please do so in the least annoying fashion. 
I should mention though that you need to make sure your media is set to stream automatically.  It will play dialogue once you get within a certain radius.  Also go find the factory part, you can make some humorous pastries there.

SLURL = http://slurl.com/secondlife/7Days%20Magic%20Bakery/249/10/25

I counted at least two swear words in this video below.


Anonymous said…
Great post. I especially loved the reference to Vivarta as being the "Sugar Daddy" of the 7-Day Magic Bakery. Keep up the good work. I will check it again and tell some friends about it.
Anonymous said…
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