International missing children's day Tuesday May 25th

     It is missing childrens day on Tuesday the 25 and Anneli Ulrik has worked quite hard to host an event in Second Life to draw attention to this.  I have made a Forget me not flower with a poem inside especially for this event which Anneli will be giving out.  I attempted to write the poem from the perspective of a lost child and should you click the wearable flower it will play.

Forget me not
for I remember true
as I watch the door
awaiting you.
I hug my knees

for the warmth I miss
for your gentle smile 
for your tender kiss

Its hard to think of something worse than having your child taken away from you, while imagining them alone with strangers praying for you to come take them home and being helpless to do so.  If you have the means or desire to help promote this event then please contact ..

Contact: Anneli Ulrik
Telephone: Skype: Anneli_Ulrik
E Mail:
Homepage -


Announcing the first SL "Memorial Day for Missing Children"  by Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC/ Germany:
In celebration of International Missing Children’s Day, May 25th, Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC is sponsoring a day of music, poetry and memorial celebrations.  Come to the arena area of the ROF Coalition Island from 9:30am slt - 4pm slt.

  9.30 – 10.00am           WELCOME, Host Morgue McMillan ( English),
                                                               Host Anneli Ulrik (German)


10:00 – 11:00am          Russell Eponym: The 'Music Whisperer' 

" We guarantee that you will be musically embraced with his talent, warmth, and his extraordinary passion for music and musical stories"                                                                                                                                                                                              (Metaverse)

11:00 – 12:00pm          Janice Mills: The green eyed Soul                                                                     “ Wonderful soul-caressing music sung by a voice that comes right from heart and soul and will surely capture yours...”

12:00 – 12:30pm          Giving out of free child primer from Mr. Prof. Dr. Adolf Gallwitz to the public,
                                           Speaker: Ronnie Rhode ( Owner of Missing Children Garden, Member of ROF)
                                                                 " Internet Safety and Human Trafficking."

12:30 -    2:00pm           Lyrical Moments:

                                           Tip Corbett: Symbiotic Musician is playing  Piano                                      “ His audience to get to witness the creation of beauty that want only linger  as a memory beyond that particular moment.” ( ROLE Magazin)

  With One’s of SL Best Poet’s:

-    Sabreman Carter       Poet, Award winning published Romantic Poet

-    Mathoni Zuhrah        Poet and Founder of Poets of Zarahemla

-    Ingeborg Apfelbaum Poet and Founder of Poets of Zarahemla

-    Stosh Quartz             Poet, Writer of book of poetry “Under Cover”,
                                            published by HabanaHaba Publishers
                                            “Stosh Quartz has been an active poet for the 
                                            better part of  her life under her first alias.” ( V.U.)

-    Morgue McMillan      Poet, Writer of book of poetry "Schicksal",
                                            Goethe Literaturverlag

-    Serene Bechir            Poet, Writer of Virtual Places / Real Emotions
                                            "I am only a mirror, the poetry is in each of you." ( Serene Bechir)

-    Klannex Northmead   Novelist, Poet and Founder of The Apple

-    DonJuan Writer            SL Poet, Reader at Sounds of Poems, Performer
 "Some people write for fun, some people write for truth,   right now, I'm writing for a fun truth. Stop the fighting." ( DonJuan Writer)

  2:00 – 3:00pm        Special Activities and Moments:

            Spreading out the forget-me-not flower
    made from One of SL most famous artist Bryn Oh;

  3:00 –  4:00pm            Neal Herritat:  “ Neal plays a high energy mix of blues,  jazz, rock and folk
                                 honed from years of fingerpicking in smokey nightclubs” ( Serene Bechir)

SLURL to event.


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