World Expo Shanghai 2010

The first life curator Cristina García-Lasuén owner of the OPEN THIS END SL group and also known as Aino Baar in Second Life, approached Spanish officials for the World Expo several months ago with the purpose of bringing Second Life machinima to the attention of a greater audience. She was successful as they granted her several hours per week to display machinima simultaneously over five four metre wide HD screens which are attached to a structure called the "Air Tree" built specifically for the Expo at the Madrid Pavilion.
 In the picture to the left (click on it to enlarge) you can see a child in a blue shirt on one of the monitors that will exhibit SL machinima.

Wikipedia gives this info for the Expo..
"More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have registered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, the largest ever. China expects to receive almost 100 foreign leaders and millions of people from across the world to come and visit the World Expo. More than 70-100 million visitors are expected to visit the expo, the largest in history."

Whats even better is that the Madrid Pavilion is right beside the Shanghai Pavilion so we should be right in the hub of it all.  Even if a mere 1% of the 70-100 million guests pay attention then we are doing ok.

I approached Linden Lab with a proposal to build content specifically for this event and they graciously gave me five sims with which to do this.  Pathfinder Linden was instrumental in helping me get these regions.  There is a loose theme over the five islands where each land is missing something.  Island one has no love, island two no energy and so on.  Over the course of the Expo I will be highlighting each sim and the builders involved.

What we are doing for this event is to allow machinimatographers to make a film in the range of 3-6 min showcasing the narrative of one of the islands.. or all five if they choose.  The machinima must be HD and widecreen.  I will be showing those machinima on this blog and those of the highest quality can be added to those shown in the Madrid Pavilion at the World Expo.  If you do wish to make a machinima or help promote this event in other ways then please contact me and I will give you a press kit with more info on those involved as well as machinima details.

I generally work alone and over the course of this event I began to recognize the difficulty with projects of this scale.  There was an enormous amount of drama with people stomping off in anger and general unreliability.  But there were those who stepped up and provided brilliant work in a variety of areas.    I would like to thank Glyph Graves, Marcus Inkpen, Aino Baar, ColeMarie Soleil, Mallory Destiny, Kazuhiro Aridian, Soror Nishi and Desdemona Enfield here first and then in greater detail over the course of the Expo.   ColeMarie was also able to contact and get permission to use music from the great talents Justin Lassen and KatieJane Garside
from Queen Adreena.

Island one - Bryn Oh - no love At the location you arrive is a picture with sky setting info inside.

Island two - Glyph Graves -no energy/Entropy  Clicking the tree will start into motion events.

Island three - Bryn Oh - no colour  By typing in chat "tree" you will see the shopping carts change to wonderful trees by Soror Nishi.  By typing "vendor" they will switch back to the carts.  They are also on a timer to change every 8 min.  This scripting was done by Desdemona Enfield.  It is fairly essential to put in the sky setting for this one.  You can also download both sky settings in xml files which may be easier.  you can get them here...

Island four - Marcus Inkpen - no sound sky setting in the notecard on island one

Island five - Bryn Oh - no light by typing "bryn" in chat will open the lightbulb seeds.


Mab MacMoragh said…
very cool- please send press kit

Natsuki Morigi said…
Wow, many congratulations to everyone who was involved in this. The 5 sims are fantastic too.
Sowa Mai's dog said…
/me throws hat in to ring for a press kit. Can't wait to visit the islands
Anonymous said…
It is a pity that the submitted machinimas underlie the censorship of the Chinese government. (see press kit)
Maybe one should create a 6th island: "No human rights"
Unknown said…
I had the thrill of visiting No Love last night and I was left breathless. Stunning work, I cannot wait to see the rest of the islands, as well as the magnificent machinima that will surely be inspired by them!
Nine IZ said…
I blog about this as reporter for Oi Magazine from inworld at the website for Press Media
Anonymous said…
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