Tezcatlipoca Bisani


Tez is a really great guy and when I saw his wonderful write up on NPIRL I just felt the need to repost this machinima I made of him as the lead Handsome boy model. The best part of this machinima is that none of them knew what I planned to do with the footage. Such a trusting bunch and so good natured. I am less so.

I promise this is the last time I post this machinima Tez. Ah who am I kidding... I will probably post it again sometime.

The other handsome boy models are Colin Fizgig, Cube Republic and Glyph Graves



Heather said…
When I read the post on NPIRL about him, I immediately thought of this vid. Glad you posted again. :)
Andrew said…
I was young and needed the money!! :D
Unknown said…
In the constructgw2 key became a machinima backstory about the Girl involving Armor and weapon upgrades exhibiting that this a pair of stories ended up strapped together.Rs Gold This is your disguised . machinima.

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