Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rabbicorn closing september first on IBM

The Rabbicorn story closes at IBM 3 on September 1st and I have decided to move it to Immersiva. It was 10 000 prims and I am hoping to pare it down to around 8 000, but it will still force me to delete much of what is on Immersiva right now. If you wish to see the Rabbicorn before I remove it go now because I have a very itchy delete finger atm. Marlen Slazar made a wonderful machinima of Immersiva which captured some of the things which are about to go. Thank you Marlen its really quite beautiful. Its all very sad to me to delete these things and it makes me wonder why open sim allows for 45 000 prims on a sim where second life gives me only 15 000. It seems like open sim might be a better fit for my terrible primmy nature.
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