Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Rabbicorn Story opens July 10th at IBM3 sim

So here is the SLURL to IBM 3. It opens at 6pm sl time today

The Rabbicorn

hope you enjoy it. There is also a machinima inside so left click a TV later on in the story.

Quite some time ago I thought up a character called the Rabbicorn. Part rabbit part unicorn. I built up this whole story in my mind about where she came from and how. I sketched it out wrote down the story and then I promptly put it on the shelf and made the Gashlycrumb Tinies build for Arcspace. The Rabbicorn is connected to a variety of the characters I make, but to me she is one of my favorites. I had always planned on making this story in Second Life but I never had the space to do it properly. Immersiva is the world she lives in but to tell her story there would require me to delete most everything. So I was quite happy when IBM approached me to use one of their full sims for a project, and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.

IBM have recently become interested
in Second Life artists. And we can thank Tezcatlipoca Bisani and Jessica Qin for pushing this. Because of them IBM have made available two full sims for artists to use to build creations. I read some of the upcoming artists to use the space and they are brilliant. I really think IBM will be the new place to see artists doing mega projects.

The Rabbicorn story will open Friday July 10th. It is best viewed alone or with just a few people around. Because of my desire for it to be viewed this way, I have asked that the sim be limited to a maximum of 6 avatars. Now as you can imagine this is not a very popular idea. For one, people may find they cant get in and never try again. Another problem would be that the traffic counter will show few people coming to see it and might be interpreted as a lack of interest by SL residents in these shows they are staging. So if I can't limit the sim to 6 or so, and you find yourself in a laggy mass of people then please come at another time when it is empty. It really is meant to be seen this way. It has a mood brought on by the story, ambient sounds and being alone brings out the quiet mood of the story. Hope everyone can come to see it. I think its one of my best builds.
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