Carousel of Dreams and Sorrows

The Octobot

Each character on the Carousel of Dreams and Sorrows at Immersiva has a poem story. This is the machine poem for the Octobot.


All my friends
Are Charlatans
And videonauts
In dark nights
With search lights
Broken hearts
Are useful parts
Carry me
From the streets
And love me though
I'm obsolete

One of the thoughts i had about the robots on Immersiva is that they are also hunted for spare parts by salvagers. The programming that allows a robot to feel love would be quite valuable. While they are hiding and hunted they would dream of someone who would come to protect them. Perhaps another robot or even the people who ran the theme park long ago.


Semaj said…
been doing some pagan baptizing in the cerulean crest of the oceans swells of late and paying the celestial solar deity with the sacrifice of burnt skin but the rains have called me back to shelter and again towards the inner journey where I’ve been chasing Rabbicorns and the mystery goddess who endows them with life. the story is a wonderful parable of love in a sinister world, I’ll share it with my kids at bedtime. Hightlights: the light/steam shooting from the translucent grandfather clock , the translucent bryn angel, the movement conveyed in the stop/action scene of the Rabbicorns difficulties, the multiple light beams through the window, the moody landscape/figure paintings hung on the walls, and the masterful use of light/dark in the build overall. Oddities: Why the architectural drawing as the skin on the sister and what’s up with the screen capture on the doctors note pad? long live the goddess of immersvia
Bryn Oh said…
Oddities: The architectural drawings have a special meaning to me in my artwork. If you were to take your grandmothers home or another place where you spent time and felt joy. Then you render an architectural drawing of it and see that everything this home once was is lost and replaced by a cold, rigid dehumanization of a space. The drawing doesn't show the laughter or love but merely makes an indifferent analysis. Anyway, I don't expect you to go "oh yeah" when you see that but since you asked thats the idea. I combine architectural sepia drawings with an image then transfer them onto mylar.

Oddity 2: I was thinking that in the future those doctors would have disposable computer screen papers. So they would use the paper like a computer and when done just crumple them up and toss them with the info already stored online.

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