Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hotel Dare

Last night I went to the opening of a new Hotel Dare show. For those of you who don't know, Hotel Dare is Gattina Dumplings art project where previously each room in a Hotel would be given out to artists to build whatever they chose. Hotel Dare has had to shrink a bit due to high land costs which prohibit non commercial venues such as.... well... art. For this installation a collection of second life artists have come together to pay homage to the first life painter Ray Caesar (edit: these are 3d sculptures done in maya). The SL artists were Daniel Luchador who did the builds, KatatOnik Pidgeon and Marie Lauridsen who made the fantastic avs and costumes and Leetah Moxie and Autumn Hykova who made the hair for each av. The avatars who sat in costume for our viewing pleasure were Takashi Alekseev and Candle Hazlitt. In the machinima Gabby Panacek kindly got into the black dress with ravens for me so I could film, she actually fit in perfectly.
What was fun about this build was that as you came forward to look at selected pictures a script would activate sucking the avatar behind the painting into the SL build. The unfortunate problem with this was that I am a cammer and had no idea about this feature as my physical av didn't get close enough to be sucked in. I happened to meet Hern Worsley and Jojorunoo Runo there and heard about this feature through them. I hide virtually everything i make with only a few people ever finding out the hidden features so naturally I am not complaining about this, but for those of you who plan on going to see this show be aware there are builds behind the paintings.

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