Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was speaking to millay Freschi from Amnesty International in second life today who happened to come to Immersiva. I knew I would like her because she went right to the tower for the Daughter of Gears story and very stubbornly wanted to climb it. I mentioned that it was set to no fly there and it was hard to climb but she welcomed the challenge. Impressed I popped over to the Amnesty International site and was please to see a bunch of SL stuff there. And through this unlikely chain of events I found a video which reinforced my view that the art concept of Immersiva will be the future. I think I have mentioned before the idea of coming home from a terrible day at work and being able to plug into a customized world for oneself. A place to forget about everything and be at peace. Think of where you would love to be right now, be it either a sandy beach or fighting with King Arthur in some mystical battle. Imagine having your fantasy date there as well, fully customized to that which you find irresistible. Imagine having something to block out the real world so that you forget it even exists. Something to cover your eyes and ears so that the suspension of disbelief will not be broken.
Now this will be both good and bad technology and will tragically destroy many lives. It will be the strongest drug ever created. I imagine it could affect entire economies of countries due to its adverse effects on some people. We already have people addicted to Second Life and Second Life is merely the crude beginnings to what will come. But it will also create some of the greatest art mankind will ever know. Milo could be the prototype of your customized companion. But there would also be the Angelina Jolie for the men or perhaps the vampire Edward from the Twilight Saga for the ladies. It might be all cloud talk but humour me for a bit. This video is ridiculously advanced and exciting.

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