26 Tines

I have a variety of machine poems I have written for Immersiva and I am slowly making films for them. This one is called 26 Tines and is of two robots who come together at night to find comfort with each other.

The laboratory is silent
The scientists gone
We have seven hours
Before the dawn

Come to me through the half-light
To my jar by the rack
Surrender your cord
To the adaptor on my back

26 tines
At the end of your cable
Connect you to me
So that we are able

To feel emotions drawn
Through the cables caress
And forget 'till the dawn
Our lonliness


Unknown said…
I love the poems I find around your builds =)
Anonymous said…
love it Bryn. Great slow pan past the birds, and I know how hard it is to cam down that hole, nice capture of it. Very moving piece and video.
Anonymous said…
This is one of your most beautiful so far – and that says some.
Phillip Vought said…
Ahh.. I was wondering when I'd hear about those two..

As always the poem brings life to the scene.. Nice work Bryn

By the way.. really nice camerawork :)
Semaj said…
I'll have to visit my lonley friends down the hole. Didn't know they were there. Strange how all this lonliness is oddly togetherness. I'm always misplaced, even among the misplaced, but soemhow you make beauty out of being lost.
Bryn Oh said…
Thank you all for the nice comments. The spacenavigator really makes a difference when planning a machinima. Its the difference between a turkey and a swallow.
Unknown said…
Beautifully build and machinima (as always). Also, thank you for reminding of the Sigur Ros song I first heard a year ago. It was a pivotal moment...
rsgoldfeng said…
Great slow Diablo 3 Goldpan past the birds, and I know how hard it is to cam down that hole,Runescape Gold nice capture of it.

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