The Hyperformalists

I was invited to an art event by the Pirats art network on Sunday. It is entitled The Museum of Hyperformalism. I am not sure if its a permanent museum to Hyperformalism but would be interesting if it were. I am fond of artists who have a distinct idea as to what they wish to achieve and isms often help that pursuit. There are many real life movements, styles and schools of thought that pop up over the ages. Personally I like the Ashcan school, Giacometti and the Existential artists, Calder and the Kinetic artists but there are many others I could mention as well. Then there are the big ones we have all heard of such as Cubism, Surrealism or Pop Art. Myself, I work in what I call Immersiva which you already know if you read this blog. Some others have begun to notice this as well such as Alpha Auer in NPIRL and here on Second Thoughts. in both cases they are recognizing the style.
We have in second life a new world which is beginning to have its own movements step forward. Movements which are unique to the medium. I am not talking about putting a jpeg of your painting on a prim and selling it. I am talking about the artists who look at what second life is and see what its unique building characteristics allow us to create. To see the things that separate Second Life from other mediums. Right now we are in a very crude form of metaverse art and the metaverse artist now struggles with a great deal of limitations ranging from scripting to basic building tools, but that's the fun in being on the frontier. We are not following anyone.
What is also very appealing to me is that most of the artists I know, the committed ones, don't see themselves as artists at all. They have a drive to create knowing the rewards will not be monetary in most cases, but rather its from an excitement at discovering breakthroughs, new ideas and concepts which drive them.
When I go to an art show I like to pick a personal favorite. Its more fun that way. In this show we have three talented artists. Comet Morigi, the rapidly improving Oberon Onmura and the the talented Selavy Oh. The winner for me was Selavy Oh's Frozen Moment. When you touch the block it breaks into tiny cubes and through scripting each part moves out like an explosion. Shortly after they begin their trajectory a second part to the script activates which freezes them again. In the video the space between the explosion and the freezing I believe was shortened by Selavy. I swear the first time I saw it yesterday they exploded quite a bit further outwards. This may have been changed for lag reasons or maybe because the cubes were leaving the sim... not sure why or maybe its just my imagination. Anyway, this is the SLurl to Pirats


rsgoldfeng said…
They have a D3 Itemsdrive to create knowing the rewards will not be monetary in most cases, but rather its from an excitement at discovering breakthroughs,GW2 Gold new ideas and concepts which drive them.

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