Milkweed Tree

This is a build at Immersiva called Milkweed Tree. I had found a milkweed over the winter in a park not too far from me. It was brittle and dead but still had most of its seeds.

Here it is! ---------------------------------------------->

For those of you who don't know this plant, the milkweed is the main food of the Monarch butterfly. It has a nasty white milk inside which tastes terrible but makes the Monarch also taste terrible to its predators. Don't ask how I know the milk tastes terrible.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is the song used in the machinima. I was incredibly flattered when ColeMarie Soleil took a poem I wrote and turned it into this song. She really is an amazing talent. But beyond her musical abilities she also pretty much makes a machinima a day. Here are her machinima Rockerfaerie and below is the poem.

Should you wish to find the machinima in world then click on the firefly shown at the beginning.

I watched you leave me

A year ago this dawn
But I have rusted gears
So I can't move on

I wanted to tell you
How I felt that day
I searched my software
For something to say

You left me for
Emotions true
Now I will forever search
For someone like you


Anonymous said…
Oh whee, that's a beautiful song for a beautiful poem - with a beautiful machinima for a beautiful build to go along.

How do you know the milk tastes terrible?
Bryn Oh said…
lol ... its natural to taste things like that isn't it?
Cole Marie said…
you tasting milkweed makes me smile so hard hahahahah
I don't know why
*goes cross eyed*
Bryn Oh said…
Ha well I kind of wondered if it tasted like milk. It doesn't... its like bitter and nasty.
Cole Marie said…
AHAHAHAHA it's called Milk WEED not MILK CANE lol
Bryn Oh said…
-.- ... well this didn't happen last week you know... was at least the week before that

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