This machinima is found by clicking the poem in front of the steamclock. The idea was to create something out in the water to draw ones attention. Those who know that I tend to hide things will probably click on the poem and see this movie. The machinima shows the hidden jellyfish room waiting below with a hint on how to open the door to get inside. A big part of Immersiva for me is to make things that only a very few will find. The overall build stands on its own should people not find any of the hidden stories nor put in the sky setting but like an onion, when peeled to see the inside layers some of us are brought to tears. Most of the poems I write here are very personal to me but I hope that people are able to enjoy them. I kind of think of them as a form of cyberpoetry related to our shared experience in the digital disposable world. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Oh and I got a spacenavigator for my birthday yesterday yay! should help my machinimas.


Phillip vought said…
I notice your machinma is becoming a great way to demonstrate your art to those stuck in a 2d world.. Good luck with the space navigator, looking forward to seeing the results..

On a side note, this video shows off some closeups of your avatar, I'd love to hear a deconstruction of the "now" avatar and its evolution from the quite different "gears" generation..
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bryn!!!

looking forward to many new machinima!

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