Monday, April 27, 2009

7 backspaces

This is a recent build on Immersiva called 7 backspaces. I recently wrote the poem and decided to build a set for it as well. I will likely hide this machinima on Immersiva for click happy people to find. I have really become interested in combining a variety of elements into each build now. Each one generally has a story, music, sound, environment,sky preset and now machinima. All the while combining composition, colour theory, elements of mystery and a freedom for the viewer to interpret on thier own. To me its important not to tell someone a story but to let them know there is one and give the opportunity to interpret with their own creativity. I think being told a story is a bit passive in regards to interaction. A movie can tell us a story while we sit back and passivly listen, but I think SL can offer more. But seeing as I tend to hide everything it is important for the build itself to be able to stand on its own should nobody find its secrets. When the poem starts in the final part of the machinima I have spliced together some sounds to accompany the poem. Please don't mistake this for part of Godspeed you Black Emperor's music and hopefully It doesnt butcher the machinima too much.
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