I was wandering around Rezzable sandbox for what seemed like the 400th straight sunny day in second life when I came across Madcow and this build. Oh by the way its my top 11 now. Seems I miscounted. Anyway, so I stumbled upon this great build and was captivated by the sheer creativity of Madcows creatures. It went back into his inventory later that day and I never heard of it again. You see Madcow was making it interactive with scripts and scripts are irritating. He lost the zest for this build and shelved it. Thats the nutty thing with Madcow. He is so prolific that he can create a massive build of 5000 prims and discard it. As it turned out his discard was one of my favorites.
Its a carnival freak show of strange creatures from .. well.. I guess other planets. The Huggy Bear was one of my favorites, and I can imagine how he was going to animate it. Going from cute little teddybear into razor toothed Pinchy McNasty. Luring fat little children with sticky candy fingers over with its soft sit-on-me appearance.
My video is fairly crappy and i forgot to take off my foggy sky preset so I would suggest everyone poke and prod Madcow to finish this build if you would like to see it properly.


Anonymous said…
I love you bryn !! Dont forget me I have not been in second life for like ever but omg I love madcow he gave me some of his art he is so kind and willing to talk to you when you are looking at his things !! I will say hi when i come back ...Take Care Bryn !!!
Tell Georg and Feathers I miss them so much

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