#8 Jojorunoo Runo's Pervy Room

#11 Madcow Cosmos unfinished thing
#10 Ub Yifu's Don Quixote Avatar
#9 Spiral Walcher's "Tunnel of Light"
#8 Jojorunoo Runo's Pervy room

Hotel Dare was a great art venue which let invited artists create something within the Hotels many rooms. Dizzy Banjo made a large checkerboardish thingy which played musical notes as you walked on it while Four Yip made a wonderfully fun bedroom. As I was making my way through I came to Jojorunoo's build.
I walked into a seedy little sliver of a room and immediately loved the colour palette. It reminded me of a little place I lived in at Bathurst and Queen which I shared with a squirrel. He chewed through the screen on my window after I shared some peanuts with him. On numerous occasions I woke up to find him staring at me. Creepy. But I digress. So I came into Jojo's build had a look and liked it fine. Left and went down the hall to find someone sitting in the other room. They had watched me cycle through all the animations on that bed with nary a word. But that is what I loved about this build. It totally worked on me.
Its like those twist movies. The sixth sense and the crying game both worked great if you didn't know the secret. But what also worked nicely was the contrast between rooms. In the small sliver of a room it was dirty and heavily textured. Lots of obstacles to navigate around and a clautrophobic feel to about it. Not to mention a Madonna and Child painting. However, when you got into the other room it was elegant and minimal. The chair's pose was relaxed and gave the impression that the person sitting there was unhurried and not the least bit ashamed at secretly observing someone. They had a cigarette slowly burning down which makes it a cigarette not smoked due to a nicotine fit but rather one of enjoyment. I absolutely loved this fun little build. Sadly, Hotel Dare has now closed and the Pervy room is gone from there. So IM Jojo and maybe she will bring it out for you too see. But don't call it the Pervy room because she probably won't know what your talking about.


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