Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thinking out loud

Song I am listening to at the moment is Courtship Dating by Crystal Castles.

So I am fascinated with the idea of being an Artist that exists only on the Internet. No real life connection just an artist made up of pixels and doodads wandering about. I have limited almost everything I can that will influence people... I have no voice, no real life picture, no age nothing that people will connect to the real world when they see me in world. Some kind of entity that creates art and is an extension of her art as well. I don't just make art and then have some shabby avatar that I have put no effort into.. the whole idea is to create a "character", to design myself and be part of the art I create. Artists like Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali had character. They were almost as recognizable as their artwork and it was a contributing factor to their success. Albert Einstein was quite the scientist but Christ what a fantastic character too! crazy hair and somewhat absent minded look. He became a template for the wacky TV scientist. Second life is meant for this and here is a spontaneous short list of some of my favorite second life "characters"

AM Radio
Blotto Epsilon
Tezcatliopica Bisani (pictured)
Sabine Stonebender
Pavig Lok
Glyph Graves in an odd sort of way
Ub Yifu (as don quixote)
Four Yip
Pandora Wrigglesworth
Madcow Cosmos (as the wee red demon)
Yoa Ogee (as the fish tank)
Dammit Dawg

I know I am forgetting some of my favorites and someone really should do a proper list of interesting characters. Hmmm Bettina are you reading this?
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