My hidden store

I decided to open a store in second life the other day. It was mainly due to building ennui. So I searched for a sim that suited my style and was deserted. Then I began writing clues and riddles for people who wanted to find it. Absolutely terrible business practice hiding your store and making people work to find it. Especially in a culture where everyone gets to fly and teleport wherever they want to go, if our avatars reflected this then we would all be big bloated lazy sacks.
Anyway, so in my profile i put the first clue.

Bryn Oh has a shop
North of some pews
But for you to get there
You must first solve some clues

So go to New Caerleon
Quick as a cat
Down a trapdoor
And type the symbol in chat

Look for the girl
Legs caught while she plays
Open her mind
And hear what she says

You are probably looking at this and saying "WTF!" which is only right that you do so. You big bloated sack. Well that is the first part and I am not telling anymore as you have offended me now. Go on! get the hell out of my blog you lazy lazy person.


Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha! that last part is high larious! I resemble the part of the big bloated sack! But I aspire to non sackhood.

Off I go!
A Good Thing would be to offer the teleport coordinates to the first region at the least (grin).
Bryn Oh said…
Leave a TP? never! but its not so hard just need to go in my profile pics to find new caerleon. Anyway, I am kind of curious if either of you two found it... i should make a list of those who do.
Unknown said…
....the bee wouldn't talk to me.
So sadly i wandered away, having enjoyed the journey, but never reaching the goal.
Unknown said…
Errr.... Max is not so good at climbing (and her RL counterpart is afraid of heights) ... will try again later, but isn't the point of a virtual world that we can circumvent the laws of physics?

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