Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bryn Oh

About a year and a half ago I heard about a person who spent their life savings on a condominium in an online world called second life. I don't think this story was true, but what it did do was capture my imagination enough for me to come into Second Life and see what it was all about.

Originally I created an avatar that looked like me in real life but after talking to some artist friends about what second life stood for I decided to go "other". Other being a giant white moth. I immediately began building things in the back yard of someone who left their land settings to allow anyone to build there. One day they came out and yelled at my big white moth. "Go build in a sandbox!" they shouted and thats when I found out what a sandbox was. A sandbox is a place for building. So I went off to sandbox island and was immediately orbitted several times in a row. This is when i discovered what "griefing" was.

I built and built but discovered that nobody really liked me very much as a big white moth. The reason for this? Well I think its because people come into second life and try to project real life values onto our avatars. If your avatar has a lip ring then they use this as a clue to define your real life personality. Its a natural human tendency to search for clues on how to define someone. Watch someones eyes on the subway and you will see them constantly moving over other people figuring them out. So I created Bryn Oh. Bryn Oh has a bit of Emily the Strange in her with a touch of that little kid from the Addams family. She makes Steampunk art and is generally a sandbox hermit. I will talk more about her and my reasons for being in second life in the future and I probably should put up images of my artwork in second life as well.
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