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     Several months ago I spoke to Dr Carolyn Steele about a course she designed at York University with a focus on the artwork of Bryn Oh.  The course began in September and will run for five years.   So yay that is pretty fun.   I was telling someone recently that it is a surreal feeling because I remember being a student in art school at OCAD university and learning about different artists who seemed to be on a very different level than myself.  Hearing about the different art movements they were involved in and dreaming about one day somehow being a part of that world.  Movements in art are rare and to be part of one at its inception is very unlikely, but when I came to sl as an oil painter I saw the possibility that  second life and specifically its feature of allowing the user to create objects which remain after one logs out was potentially the makings of a new art movement.  Persistence of objects which, after all this time, is still a rare feature.  I decided to put all my energy into focusing on second life and pushing the medium, determining what made it unique over other art forms such as painting or cinema.  What can it do that others can not?  Identity, interaction, presence, emotion, immersion as just some of the things the virtual spac excels in.  We are not a passive observer but an active participant within the art.  For me I would look at the cubists, surrealists, impressionists, modernists and saw myself as an immersivist.  And the virtual space as a unique medium that could fully immerse the viewer in a much more powerful way than other mediums before it. 

     Other than learning about my previous work the students will explore my artwork "Hand" in second life as a 2D virtual space and then contrast that to the same work hosted in Sansar as a virtual reality 3D space.  The students will do this through a brand new VR lab.  The machinima above is one I created for the students and should you be interested in my thoughts on immersion then please have a look.  I will also include the machinima for Hand and a slurl to visit it should you like to.



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Loved it!
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